Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Changing The Game


My name is Greg Leimer and I'm a Senior Product Manager at Lexmark with a new focus on developing SmartSolutions.

Over the coming months and well into 2010, I'll be your host and blogger on the Lexmark SmartSolutions Blog. As my colleague Michael Vincent blogged in September, our mission is to "change the game" for you and your small business--to go way beyond printing.

We have some exciting ideas, content, Q&A's, and just general resourceful tips to help you and your small business team become more efficient with your time and resources.  I'll share those in the future...right here in the SmartSolutions blog.

And, hopefully, we may even make you laugh along the way.

In fact, check back later this week where I'll give you a 'private screening' of a very cool iPhone app we've created.

And of course, my mailbag is always open for your comments and suggestions.  Simply leave a comment under and post and I'll get right back to you.

See you soon!

- Greg


Anonymous said...

dear greg,
Downloaded you new iphone app with eager expectations for my wireless lexmark printer. boy would i like to take you and your staff for the same ride i've been on. It hasn't worked and it ain't easy. You and all your developer pals suck and I hope karma subtracts time from your life in repayment for the stress you have caused me.
sincerely you suck,
john burgess

Lexmark SmartSolutions said...

John - I hate to hear that you're having problems with with this app since so many others seem to be very happy with it. Not only does it have a 3.5 stars rating on the Apple app store but it was also rated as one of the 10 best iPhone apps by Gizmodo (http://gizmodo.com/5399064/).

Since you were not specific about the issues you're having, here is what I would suggest...

1. Make sure you have the Lexmark Listener installed on the computer running on your wireless network. This is the same computer you should have the printer installed on. It can be found at www.lexmark.com/lexprint.

2. If that does not work, please contact out Tech Support line at www.lexmark.com or 1-800-LEXMARK.

3. If you have already done these two steps, please go to http://bit.ly/2ABiQf for one of our Lexmark Listens representatives. They are specially trained to help with these type issues.

Chris Spoelsky said...


You sound a little cocky. You only have a 3-star rating now, and that rating is falling. I just tried to discover my printer (wifi off), just playing around with the interface, and the application crashed. I'm on an iPhone 3GS.

The interface is pretty enough (although the fit-to menu is cluttered), but the functionality is lacking!

I don't know why John was so directly inflammatory, as the application certainly has promise, but any app that crashes definitely has issue.

Although, the Lexmark app definitely fits this flowchart:


As an aside, wasn't Gizmodo the site that didn't advertise SmartSolutions, but gave full coverage to HP's web enabled printers? Funny that cite them as a source ;). The customer is always right, Greg; respect that!

Lexmark SmartSolutions said...

Hey Chris. We’re definitely not cocky, just genuinely excited about our new solutions and the largely favorable reviews they're receiving.

I hate to hear that you had a problem with LexPrint crashing and want to make sure the app is as good as it possibly can be. Send me any details you can about the situation that caused the crash at smartsol@lexmark.com. I’ll forward your note on to the developers so they can check it out.

Anonymous said...

It took exactly 3 minutes for me to install and print my first document using this app/program. I can't believe that I am able to print through my IPhone. Thanks LEXMARK. You made my day. Keep up the good work.

Alex P said...

Hi, just wondering if you have any plans to release any sort of API for the SmartSolutions on the touch screen printers. It seems like a no-brainer way of hugely increasing the number of available solutions! I'd love to have some to scan to online services like Evernote, and one to view Facebook photos etc. I would gladly get down and code them myself if I had the option of doing so!

What makes it worse is I keep looking for how to do this on the site, and keep coming back to the "Getting Started" page which tells you that you can "Create your own solutions", when all you mean is download the available ones!

Ed said...

I'll add a positive with my success with the Lexmark iphone app. I installed it and was able to start printing pictures right away. I also like the new printer I received for christmas.The Lexmark Pro 950. It scan documents to pdf and to Word and allows editng in word after scanning. OCR works Great!It even allowed word search in the PDF document. It's all good to me!!

Lexmark SmartSolutions said...

Alex - Currently, we are developing all our SmartSolutions internally but we do have plans to release an SDK in the future. This will allow independent developers and 3rd party companies to build and publish their own SmartSolutions. No word yet on when it will be available but I'll be sure to blog about it when it gets closer.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to print a pdf file located in the Goodreader app with Lexprint on an itouch?

Lexmark SmartSolutions said...

Right now, LexPrint only allows for photo printing from the images stored on your iPhone or iPod touch.
However, I do like the idea of further integration with other software like the Goodreader app. I'll pass that on to the development team for possible inclusion in future versions.

Jeremy said...

Is there no way to print directly through the wifi on the iphone to a wifi lexmark printer without a computer? I sell insurance on the road and most of the documents i need during a presentation are on my iphone however i have to cart a laptop around to print the docs i need. Any ideas?

Lexmark SmartSolutions said...

Jeremy - At this time, all our inkjet printers require the use of a 'listener' application that runs on an attached host computer. However, we do have several laser printers which can use LexPrint without the 'listener' application or host computer. I'm not sure if this route will help you as LexPrint only prints photos right now (you mentioned a presentation which would not print unless you converted it to JPEG) and laser printers are usually quite large and may be difficult for you to transport. In case you are interested in understanding which lasers work without the 'listener', follow these instructions from www.lexmark.com/lexprint.

For selected laser printer models that are Direct Image- and Zeroconf- or Bonjour-enabled, you can print directly from your mobile device to the printer without using LexPrint Listener. To check if your printer is one of these models, do one of the following:

– From the Lexmark Web site, find your printer model. From the SPECS tab, look for Direct Image under Printer Languages (Standard), and look for either Zero configuration under TCP/IP Set of Application Services or Bonjour under Network Management Protocols.

– From the printer control panel, look for Image Menu under Settings or under Settings > Print Settings, and look for Zero configuration name under Network/Ports > TCP/IP.

Nono said...

I hate to hear that it's impossible to print directly from iphone to printer via wifi, while HP and EPSON have that possibility since mid-2009...

Anonymous said...


The good news:
printing from my 3GS to my X4875 worked immediately, simply by following the instructions.

The bad news:
Perhaps I missed something, but I can only print fotos. I did not find a way to directly print out of e.g. the email-app or the browser.
Is this already supported, or planned for future releases?

Thomas Beham

Anonymous said...

Too many problems getting smart solutions to work among other issues. Returning this printer if tech support level 3 doesnt fix it tomorrow.

Lexmark SmartSolutions said...

Thomas - I'm sorry about the confusion but this first version of LexPrint currently only allows users to print pictures. We do hope to have added functionality in the future that will allow users to print more than just photos.

Lexmark SmartSolutions said...

Anonymous - I hate to hear that you are having problems setting up SmartSolutions and that our Tech Support doesn't seem to be helping. If you are able to go to this link...http://bit.ly/2ABiQf ...and answer the questions, I'll have one of our Lexmark Listens experts try to help.

Anonymous said...

Ok this may be a bit of a new track. I have PrintCentral on my iphone but it will not find the Lexmark 9300 wiFi.

any suggestions?

Lexmark SmartSolutions said...

PrintCentral is a EuroSmartz product so, unfortunately, I am not able to help too much on why it is not working correctly with your printer. I do know that many EuroSmartz printing applications require you to install their 'WePrint' software on your computer so you may want to check into that if you have not already.

Depending on your printing needs, Lexmark does offer a free photo printing application for your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch called LexPrint that can be downloaded from the Apple App Store.

Anonymous said...

Any news on the SDK John/Greg?

Lexmark SmartSolutions said...

The SDK was announced last Monday and we are actively accepting applications. Check out the blog post from Monday, Oct 25 for more details.

Anonymous said...

Just installed it onnmy iPhone and it worked first time.
My lexmark printer is at least a few years old.
Well done LexMark first class job. Now let's hope we get text print soon.


Anonymous said...

I got it to work in no time with iphone 4, soon deleted it because(my fault didnt read the bumph)you can only print photos..big deal ,i want to print anything ie word docs and the such

Anonymous said...

I got it to work from inside the app but trying to print from inside an album the phone doesn't see the printer. What I'd like to know however is what the programme the listener runs is called. I can't see what it installed on my MacBook so if I ever wanted to delete it I'm stuck.

Lexmark SmartSolutions said...

The LexPrint app will only function properly if you start by opening the app and then navigate to your desired picture. Starting in an album and then trying to print through LexPrint will not result in communication with the printer.

The name of our listener is LexPrint Listener and to uninstall the listener successfully here are the steps:

1.) In the terminal, type "launchctl unload /Library/LaunchAgents/.plist"
2.) Delete LexPrintListener in /Library/Printers/Lexmark/Utilites/
3.) Delete the listener launchd plist in /Library/LaunchAgents/.plist

Casey said...

I've tried everything I could possibly think of. The Pro 800-900 series printer just doesn't work with the Iphone. Such a nice printer to not have a well developed app for printing. The app is very generic and seems made for photos. We need something for PDF's and Emails. PLEASE use the money you make and try something new.

Anonymous said...

Any ETA on printing .doc or .pdf files?

Lexmark SmartSolutions said...

Sorry, but no announcements yet on updates to LexPrint.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lexmark Solutions

I have the lexprint app on my iphone 4 but it only prints photos or camera shots.

I would like to print docs/pdf from emails and saw earlier in the blog that you were looking at developing this in the app.

When will it be available?


Lexmark SmartSolutions said...

Trevor - You are correct that LexPrint allows users to print pictures from a iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. While we are still investigating options for future versions, we do not currently have an update on when added functionality might be available.

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