Monday, October 4, 2010

Photo Frenzy

Today, I'm excited to announce additions and updates to our suite of photo SmartSolutions with Photobucket, Picasa and MobileMe.

With Lexmark's new suite of photo-oriented SmartSolutions, users are able to save valuable time and energy by scanning, viewing and printing images directly from their Lexmark Web-connected all-in-one printer. Easily upload old pictures directly into your account with our 'Scan to' solutions or view and print images from your online account with a 'View & Print' solution. Setup and configuration are easy - you can even setup multiple versions of the same solution for businesses or households with more than one account!

For a quick preview and demo of these useful new SmartSolutions, click here.


Anonymous said...

All these fancy SmartSolutions are great but I would really appreciate a customizable scan. I need to scan stacks of 2-sided documents to pdf and there seems to be no way to do this yet. It scans all the odds and then I have to scan all the even pages to a separate file. It's a pain. It seems so simple, I don't know why a SmartSolution for this has not been made yet.

Anonymous said...

Agreed! I have the 901 which I assumed could scan 2 sided docs since it can print two sided! Even if I had to load the page the 2nd time that would be OK as long as the software merged it properly.

dnlbrky said...

It would be nice if the printer or its software could do this automatically. In the meantime, PDF Split and Merge ( is a freeware program that can combine even/odd pages. Just select the "Alternate Mix" plugin, add your odd and even PDF files, make sure the "Mix options" are set to 1 and 1, and then run. It's an extra step but it works well.

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