Monday, February 21, 2011

Announcing AccuWeather

Many small and medium sized businesses count on a local weather forecast when planning the day. Construction, event planning, landscaping and ski shops are just a few examples of the many businesses that must pay close attention to the weather. These small businesses are the inspiration for our newest Lexmark SmartSolution.

We have partnered with, a leading online weather forecast provider, to offer real-time weather reports directly from the touchscreen of your Web-connected Lexmark All-In-One printer. Once the solution is installed on your printer and you've set the location, simply click the AccuWeather button to view your weather. You can even print the seven day forecast in an easy to read format which is perfect for posting where all employees can see. The solution is easy to use and the weather is up to date...what more could you ask for?

For more information about this new AccuWeather SmartSolution, please watch this short video. For more information on our partner for this solution, be sure to visit their website at


nuccio said...


This printer is just a complete disaster. It won't recognize my Mac, making scanning useless. It also continually gives me the "Email test has failed" error when I try to set up a gmail account (or any account).

I have updated the firmware. I have never had this much trouble with any printer.

You need to do some serious work on making this printer easier to set up. I've already spent countless hours, and all I can do is print. LAME.

Lexmark SmartSolutions said...

nuccio - I hate to hear that you are having issues setting up your Lexmark printer. Every users home network is slightly different and each of the major e-mail providers can be quite tricky to navigate. To make sure you are able to successfully setup your printer, please contact my Lexmark Listens Customer Experience team at ''. They are expecting your note and ready to help with all your setup issues.

oxymoron said...

iam using this with very less time setting for printer options. no more issues met. lol

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