Thursday, May 19, 2011

Announcing Envelope Wizard!

To address the mailing needs of our small and medium sized business customers around the world, Lexmark has released a new SmartSolution called Envelope Wizard.

This solution makes printing destination and return addresses on an envelope quick and easy. Setup is simple... just enter your return address which will be saved for use each time you print a new envelope. When the need arises to address an envelope, simply touch the Envelope Wizard icon on the touchscreen of your Lexmark Web-connected All-In-One printer, type in the destination address, choose the correct envelope size and print. No reason to use a specialty addressing program or even turn on your computer.


Anonymous said...

Hi from France.

This Smart Solution does a good job on my Lexmark P805, with DL enveloppes.

But a few improvements can be easily made :
- printed adresses are "pixelized" and may not read correctly by postal services sorting machines.
- return adress is the same size destination adress. Isn't that better destination adress to be bigger ?


Lexmark SmartSolutions said...

Thanks for the feedback. We always appreciate suggestions from user on how we can make our SmartSolutions better. I'll pass the comments on to the development team for review.

Rex_Savana said...

We should be allowed to change the font and/or font size1. I printed it today, found out the size is small, and i am unable to modify the size of the font.

Mark McKnght said...

Makes it really handy for a small business like mine to send regular mailings each month. One I have sent a letter and put the address in once, the next month that I want to print the same address on the envelope, it's saved. Saves alot of time for me.

DL Envelopes said...

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