Wednesday, October 5, 2011

MapQuest and More!

Lexmark continues to support small and medium business users with the launch of the following six SmartSolutions.

MapQuest: Allows business users to easily and quickly find directions between two locations using the touchscreen of their Lexmark SmartSolutions-enabled device. View and print a map and directions to help navigate to your destination.

MapQuest Concierge: Designed to support the hospitality industry (Bed and Breakfasts, small hotels, hostels, etc) and their customers. Enter your location once and position the printer where guests can access the device. The SmartSolution will allow guests to easily find local attractions and then print walking directions to that attraction.

MapQuest Traffic: View and print a map with traffic conditions before you leave the office. Use the map to plot an alternative route to ensure you arrive on time.

Note: MapQuest Traffic is available in the US only. For more information on these three new MapQuest SmartSolutions, please watch this short video.

Cartridge Recycling: Lexmark cares about the environment and is working to decrease the environmental footprint of the products we make. This new SmartSolutions allows users to easily order inkjet cartridge recycling bags directly from their printer. Enter your address once and then just place your order for free bags as needed.

Scan to Network Share: This SmartSolution enables busy business users to easily scan an important document and upload it directly into a network share drive. Perfect for users archiving business documents.

Print from Network Share: The companion to our Scan to Network Share SmartSolution, this version allows business users to easily print important documents and forms, stored on their network share drive, directly from the touchscreen of their printer. Set it up by linking the solution to a commonly used form and then rename the solution so you'll remember what form your printing. If you have multiple forms you need to print, simply set up multiple versions with one for each form.

Note: Scan to Network Share and Print from Network Share take advantage of new solutions capabilities built into our new Pro915 SmartSolution enabled device. Before downloading these new solutions, please be sure to check compatibility at

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